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Welcome foodies,

Life can be complex, stressful and dissatisfying. Among other remedies for life, food is the only thing that gives you immediate satisfaction…..funny but true, right? Everyone likes delicious food but finding it isn’t always easy. While eating out can be boring, unhealthy and expensive cooking for yourself on the other hand, could be healthy, inexpensive, rejuvenating and satisfying. Cooking is a combination of art and techniques which requires a mix of creativity, experience and innovation. Therefore, cooking could be overwhelming for some and it’s always good to have some reference to start your cooking adventure and that is where this website comes for rescue. I know there are plethora of cooking blogs and websites but my recipes include my own variations and experiments with the old recipes that create different flavours for the same dishes which most people find more delightful than the regular.

Like any creative field, there are no hard pressed rules for cooking but guidelines. So put your chef’s hat on and use this site as a navigator to traverse through your own exploration of scrumptious flavors. Trust me, you will enjoy it! Please feel free to provide your comments and feedback with your experience using these recipes.

Happy cooking!!
Charu Tiwari
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